It’s been in the back of your mind for quite some time now, only growing bigger and louder by the day. The thoughts of warm beach days filled with long walks, beautiful weather and lots of relaxation 

Ah. If that sounds nice to you, have we got the good news — now is the perfect time to book that trip 

Now to April 11, 2021, you can book that trip you’ve been yearning for knowing that — Rest Assured — if something comes up, you’ll have the flexibility to change your vacation date at no charge or cancel your booking no later than 72 hours prior to your arrival (a $35 processing fee on cancellations is required).  

While we can’t predict your future, you can book ahead knowing:  

  • Any mid-week or weekend getaway is eligible.
  • The Holiday Season makes a great time for a quick getaway.
  • Winter is coming – which means cold weather in most of our country. A nice island getaway will surely provide a dose of sunshine and smiles.  
  • Spring Break is covered in our Rest Assured date range.

So, find a time that works best for you, book it on our website here or call our friendly on-site reservationists at 800.223.5865 and know that your booking is Rest Assured! Valid guestrooms and 1-bedroom suites only.