Searching for the perfect way to end a day of vacation? Just look to the West. The Upper Deck at the West Wind Island Resort provides a variety of things to enjoy, no matter the day — from happy hour cocktails and appetizers, to sunsets, live music and more.

After a day well spent at the pool, freshen up and head to the Upper Deck for a tranquil evening. Catch some relaxing live acoustic music Wednesday through Saturday from 5 to 7PM, and treat yourself to a happy hour cocktail (or two) Wednesdays and Fridays. With for 30% off all drinks, wine and beer (top shelf liquor excluded) and free appetizers 5 to 5:30PM to pair with your cocktail, the good times will be flowing.

If you happen to find yourself here as the sun begins to make its gradual descent into the turquoise waters, you will be in for an experience unlike any other. Be prepared to drink in the breathtaking view before you, and settle in for a VIP viewing of a Sanibel sunset. Envision a sky alight in a fiery orange glow, the sun tinting the clouds with a magnificent magenta. As the evening turns to night, it’s clear to see that the Upper Deck at West Wind Island Resort is the best way to close another day of Vacation.

Looking for more from the Upper Deck? Visit them during the day for a full lunch menu capable of satisfying any craving, along with a selection of refreshing drinks. A casual atmosphere with an elegant view of the Gulf and the pool area makes the Upper Deck the key to an excellent day.