West Wind Island Resort is leading the way in eco-friendly policies to keep Sanibel Island beautiful and green, while still providing an unmatched guest experience. For many years, guests have enjoyed and luxuriated in the Gulf-front West Wind Island Resort pool, and now more than ever, that experience is to be celebrated.

As a leader in green policies, Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts has partnered with Symbiont to install a geothermal heating unit at West Wind Island Resort, which uses the earth’s heat to warm or cool the pool. Cool the pool? This time of year, with air temperatures in the 80s and 90s, keeping the pool at a refreshing temp actually comes from the earth’s heat! Rather than actually utilizing the heat of the earth to heat, it uses the heat to transfer energy.

Utilizing two wells, one to bring the water from the earth, and another that transfers to a heat pump, this GeoThermal process utilizes water in the ground and then returns back to the ground. This process is 30% more efficient than a traditional heat pump that uses air, and 80% more efficient than a heat pump that uses gas (what most hotels use to heat their pools). This all results in less energy being used, less waste and more use of our natural resources to provide an eco-friendly swimming experience.

Not only is GeoThermal heating more eco-friendly, but it’s also economical and reliable, meaning the hotel saves money on gas bills and can utilize that budget toward additional hotel improvements. This system also lasts 15-20 years (whereas a typical gas system lasts between 5-10 years) which means fewer breakdowns and repairs, meaning guests will enjoy the pool all year round without issue!

The appearance of the pool has not changed, and guests can continue to enjoy the Gulf front views while avoiding the sand and salt. For more information, visit SymbiontService.com. Plus, visit our sister property, ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa, which also invested in this GeoThermal system on Captiva Island.