Sanibel Island’s white sand beaches and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico offer an idyllic setting to relax and enjoy a beach-lovers’ paradise. However, parents with young children may see a day at the beach as a daunting task due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of kids. Never fear, your beach aficionados at West Wind Island Resort are here to help make your vacation the very best that it can be! And if you’re traveling with children, these tips are the first step to enjoying your island paradise… Pack, Prep, Play!



A necessary evil of little tikes at the beach is finding sand everywhere! Quick tip: to help brush the sandy residue from your children’s skin, bring a bottle of baby powder. To keep your car less sandy, keep a small dust broom handy to brush off your feet and your seats! And we all know, lugging around all of your beach gear can be a nuisance (and painful!), so consider bringing along a beach wagon to carry your supplies. We like the collapsible utility wagon by Mac Sports.



Timing is everything! Arrive at the beach early to grab the best spot at the beach. Keep to your usual daily schedule and plan snacks, lunch and naps accordingly to avoid any qualms. When naptime rolls around, grab a spot in the shade, under a shady tree or beach umbrella. If you’re staying with us, just head to your room and take a break in the air conditioning. With our accommodations only steps away from the beach, it’s easy to plan your beach day. Bring fresh water, lunch, snacks in a variety of containers and wet wipes and antibacterial to keep everything dry and sand-free, or hit the Upper Deck Pool Bar, the Normandie Seaside Café or a local restaurant for a bite to eat.

What is more fun for kids than digging in the sand and building their own sand sculpture masterpieces? Don’t forget to bring your shovels and sand gear along with you and challenge your kiddos to a sand castle contest! When it’s time to cool off and wash away the sand, grab your floats, water tubes and boogie boards and hit the water! Finally, in all the fun, don’t forget that water safety is key when swimming, so remember to bring your children’s floatation devices.

Protecting your little ones from painful sunburns will make the rest of your trip a lot more enjoyable. Sunscreen, shade and the right clothing can help you make the most of your time in the sun. To ensure you are taking the right steps for sun safety, check out our recent blog Plan a sun-safe summer on Sanibel Island with West Wind Island Resort.

Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy your time on the beach! Your friends at West Wind Island Resort are here to help you plan the best beach vacation possible, and we hope that these tips help you make the most out of your time on Sanibel Island. If you have any questions, we invite you to stop by our front desk or give us a call at 239-472-1541 or 1-800-824-0476. We’ll see you on the beach!