An Update from the Management Team at West Wind Island Resort on Sanibel Island 

It is that busy time of year – some locals refer to it as the “silly season” and yes, the traffic gets a bit more challenging.

But we are making progress on some projects. There are new umbrellas around the pool area. We have brought in some extra help as we start the painting the exterior of our buildings with new, lighter colors. This will take a while to complete with all the trimming to do.

The remaining 8 kitchens that needed refurbishing will be done this summer. We will also continue with our project to tile the floors of the ground level units – Croton and Driftwood buildings left to do.

Our Wi-Fi system has been upgraded and which should improve reception and access on-site [What happened to two sea shells and a string like the old days?]

Under study at this point is a swale system by which we can eliminate the flooding in the parking lots when we get heavy rain. Ownership is also looking at a solution to the dusty parking lot situation – when there is no rain.

And our Normandie Seaside Cafe is now serving dinner on Sunday night, so we look forward to seeing you soon!