Start with four 9 oz. NY strip or sirloin steaks [3/4″ thick]; 3/4 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp pepper; 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil; 4 tbsp shallots [peeled & chopped fine]; 2 lg mushrooms [julienned]; 1 1/2 tsp finely chopped garlic; 1 cup Beaujolais wine; 1 cup chicken broth; 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce; 1 tbsp Dijon Mustard; & 1 tbsp finely chopped chives.

Sprinkle steaks with salt and pepper. Now heat olive oil in a large skillet – when hot, add steaks and sauté for 2 1/2 min on each side [for medium rare].  Remove steaks to a platter and set aside [warm place]. To the drippings in the skillet add the shallots and sauté for about 10 seconds. Now add the mushrooms & garlic. Remember over-cooked garlic gets bitter, so sauté only 1 minute.

Stir in wine & simmer down until only 2 tbsp. remain. Add the broth and reduce mixture to 3/4 cup. Add the Worcestershire & mustard and then mix well.  Bring it to a simmer. Arrange steaks on plates & spoon some sauce on each. Garnish with chives.