When people picture “paradise”, they don’t think just of swaying palms, enticing beaches and tropical drinks with plastic umbrellas. They imagine a place with a lot of generally pleasant experiences.

West Wind Island Resort has a lock on the palms, the beach and tropical drinks at our friendly upper deck pool bar, but we also offer a place where happiness prevails, in part as a result of the work of Barrier Islands Group for the Arts, familiarly known as BIG Arts.

Wendy Webb & Friends

WENDY WEBB & Friends “November Moon Concert”
Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013 at 8pm; Pre-reception at 7:30pm

BIG Arts is every bit as much part of the Sanibel Island experience as is the West Wind Island Resort Sanibel Beach Resort. We are proud to sponsor their annual season and happy to be so conveniently located for our guests to enjoy the events. This is part of why we say West Wind Island Resort is True Sanibel – everything you visit Sanibel for, all at hand.

As the summer concludes, BIG Arts begins. From Classical Concerts to pop and jazz, theater at the Herb Strauss, dance and more, the Season Schedule is coming together. You can find it here.

Among the first attractions will be Wendy Webb and Friends: November Moon Concert on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at Herb Strauss Theater. The 8pm performance will be preceded by a reception beginning at 7:30pm.

Look the schedule over now and take advantage of some preseason discounts and make your reservations at West Wind Island Resort, where the stars above are joined by the stars down here.